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Name Plates offers beautiful, custom wooden desk name plates and wall signs. Every piece is crafted from American hardwoods.

Custom Desk Name Plates…Even if it’s not Your Real Name!

Creating a pseudonym for the stage or the page isn’t a new practice. In fact, the tradition of taking on a name that’s not your “birth name” dates back hundreds of years. Even authors like the famous Bronte Sisters used pen names, or pseudonyms, to help their classic novels like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre [...]

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Why Every Office Employee Needs Custom Desk Name Plates

We all know the trouble that can arise when companies need to remake identification cards and the names come out wrong. In fact, it always seems like something goes wrong with those IDs: the name is misspelled, the picture is bad, or the format just isn’t right. Well, the popular television series “The Office” tackles [...]

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Top 8 Alternatives to a Boring Metal Desk Name Plate

If you’re looking for a gift for a recent grad, a family member with a new promotion, or the boss who has almost everything, you’ve probably thought about getting them a desk name plate. Maybe you checked out the big box office stores to see what they offered. Wow, super exciting! Are there no other [...]

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Top 7 Most Requested Symbols on Name Plates for Desks

When name plates for desks are requested, many times we get requests for symbols. Symbols are a great way to bring your name plate to life and tell visitors something about yourself. For this reason, many of the symbols we offer for our name plates are related to common professions. If you’re creating a name [...]

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Hardwood: The Perfect Material For Unique Desk Name Plates

We’ve all seen them, those boring old name plates. Walking into a job interview, visiting a friend at work, these are the usual places they hide. These things are made of plastic and cheap metal, with an engraving that you can hardly read from the doorway. These products aren’t made locally. Most likely, they’re shipped [...]

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The Top 5 Desk Accessories That Every Professional Should Have

If you’re a budding professional, you’re probably about to get your first private office. Don’t walk in the first day with the same accessories you’ve had on your desk from your college years. Unless you went to one classy college, you’re going to look a little unprofessional with those plastic pencil holders! And let’s not [...]

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What’s on Your Unique Desk Name Plate: Name Meanings and YOU

Your name says something about you and your personality. It’s how you’ll be remembered as time passes. Your name is special and unique. The etymology of your name could also say something about you. Etymology is the study of the origin of words, and each name is derived from a word or a Latin root [...]

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Support Local Businesses! Don’t Outsource Your Custom Name Plate

You may have been seeing a lot of signs or posts on Facebook urging you to support local businesses. That means keeping the money flowing within your community and stimulating the local economy. Going to small farmer’s markets instead of chain grocery stores and buying the local brand of beer instead of a national brand—these [...]

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Our Custom Desk Name Plates Let You Show Your Creativity!

Sometimes, it’s hard to show off your creativity in the corporate world. But you can use your office space to show clients and coworkers the unique benefits you bring to your organization. Our custom desk name plates will say it all for you! They allow you to add whatever lettering, symbols, and font sizes you [...]

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Top 5 Professions That Benefit from a Desk Name Plate

Desk name plates are important in many office-based professions; however, name plates also add an important professional touch in jobs that aren’t confined to the traditional office setting. Here are five examples of jobs that benefit from a desk name plate. Banker: A bank teller gets a small space behind a counter. Oftentimes, the counter [...]

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