When name plates for desks are requested, many times we get requests for symbols. Symbols are a great way to bring your name plate to life and tell visitors something about yourself. For this reason, many of the symbols we offer for our name plates are related to common professions. If you’re creating a name plate for a friend’s desk, think about their profession or hobbies and add a symbol to their name plate. We’ve created a list of seven of our most popular symbols for name plates to help you begin thinking of ideas:

  1. Pharmacy: Pharmacists work hard. From years in school to years behind the counter, pharmacists often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Our pharmacy symbol calls attention to their hard work and their passion for helping others through medicine.
  2. name plate 3 - Copy

  3. Freemasonry: The fraternity of freemasons a strong. There are many different branches throughout the country. Chances are, if your friend or family member is a freemason, he spends a lot of his time at his local lodge getting to know his brothers. Using the freemason symbol will help remind him of one of his favorite organizations.
  4. name plate 4 - Copy

  5. Ichthys: Known colloquially as the “Jesus fish,” the Ichthys is an important symbol in Christianity. If you’re creating a name plate for a pastor or church staff member, then this symbol is perfect.
  6. name plate 5

  7. Law: After enduring the bar exam, the lawyer in your life will be pleased that you remembered to include the scales on their name plate for their desk. This symbol shows their dedication to interpret law in a fair and just way.
  8. name plate 6 - Copy

  9. Peace sign: If you’re creating a nameplate for a humanitarian, the peace sign might be the perfect symbol to go on their name plate. This will show that they are constantly adding peace to the community and trying to bring people together through nonprofit work.
  10. name plate 7

  11. Medical: If you know anyone who went through medical school, you know how long and difficult it is. Displaying a medical symbol on their name plate is a sign of their commitment to medicine—and to saving people’s lives.
  12. name plate 8

  13. Handshake: If you know anyone who works in the government doing deal making, then you should consider getting them a handshake symbol on their name plate. It that shows their dedication to bringing people together.
  14. name plate 9

Now you have some ideas on how to adorn your name plate for your desk. We can provide many other symbols, like ones related to hobbies or favorite animals—but these are our bestsellers for a reason. Get started building your dream name plate today!