All Natural

Our values mean the highest quality craftsmanship in your name plate.

Made From American Hardwoods

Plastic works fine for some people. Those who appreciate nature understand the beauty of wood.

Personalized Options

Build your name plate on our site with our interactive, real-time previewer.

Multiple Sizes and Styles

With four sizes of desk name plate, plus wall signs, there's something for everyone's office.

Name Plates, Wall Signs, and More

Our catalog has a name plate or wall sign for everyone.
What Else You Got?

Amazing Flexibility To Build Beautiful, Unique Name Plates

Every office needs a unique name plate. Wood name plates make a statement that plastic never will. Plastic says “cheap” and “replaceable.” Wood expresses the value and uniqueness that every person has. At, we believe in the uniqueness of every customer. That’s why we developed our incredible online name plate builder.

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Name Plates has a beautiful wood desk name plate and wall sign for everyone.

Beautiful lettering, luscious hardwoods, custom options–what’s not to love?

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