Creating a pseudonym for the stage or the page isn’t a new practice. In fact, the tradition of taking on a name that’s not your “birth name” dates back hundreds of years. Even authors like the famous Bronte Sisters used pen names, or pseudonyms, to help their classic novels like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre sell better. If the Bronte Sisters had used custom desk name plates, which names would they have chosen to display? There’s a question for the ages!

That aside, there are many authors and artists who have changed their names. You might not even be aware of some! While it may be hard to understand why the rich and famous change their names, many times, it’s a deliberate move that can make or break a career. For instance, Norma Jeane Mortenson does not have nearly the same sensuality, mystery, and appeal as the pseudonym Marilyn Monroe has. Names do have connotations that are important to recognize, and choosing a new one for the sake of your career could potentially be the best business move you make.

Those authors, artists, and celebrities who choose to have their name changed may have difficulty with family and friends who know them by their birth name. After all, explaining to your great-aunt that you aren’t “Jenny” anymore could cause some waves! But using your pseudonym around fans and your birth name around family may not only help your family adjust; it can also distinguish between the star personality and the real person—you.

Whether or not you have a pseudonym, your name has significance. There’s is no better way to display your name than with a custom desk name plate. Whether the name you use for your custom desk name plate is your birth name or one you created yourself, you’ll find exactly the name plate you want here. Our wooden name plates scream quality. They’ll last a lifetime, mirroring the legacy you’ll leave behind. Check out our custom desk name plates and get started thinking of how your name affects your business persona.