You may have been seeing a lot of signs or posts on Facebook urging you to support local businesses. That means keeping the money flowing within your community and stimulating the local economy. Going to small farmer’s markets instead of chain grocery stores and buying the local brand of beer instead of a national brand—these are great examples! That way, you’re pumping money into small businesses that are part of your community. This fuels creativity. How does this relate to custom name plates? Read on!

Small businesses aren’t just physical storefronts. There are small businesses online, too! You can choose to shop at big businesses online, like Amazon, or you can choose to shop at small independent businesses. Why should you shop with us instead of going to Amazon? Because we care about our customers. We love to get calls from our customers and help them create their products. We enjoy the interaction and want to make all of our name plates as personal as possible. Our custom name plates come from hardwoods from both the Midwest and Arkansas, our custom lemon oil finish is from California, and our factory is in Texas. So, instead of sending your money overseas to who knows where, keep it right here in America.

For anyone who’s concerned about the environment, think of the different scenarios of cradle to grave. With a plastic name plate that will be thrown out after it isn’t useable, it will take hundreds of years to begin to decompose in a landfill. And, considering the quality of plastic, it will probably break easily when you still want to use it. On the other hand, our custom name plates are all natural wood—even the lemon oil finish is nature-based. However, we don’t think you’ll ever put our gorgeous name plates in any kind of grave!

Now that you know all the benefits of our name plates, what are you waiting for? Choose to buy an eco-friendly, sustainable, and local product. Don’t send your money off with big businesses that don’t care about you or your product. Let us work together to create something beautiful and that will last a lifetime. Give us a call today or start building your name plate online. We know that you’ll be pleased with the results.