Your name says something about you and your personality. It’s how you’ll be remembered as time passes. Your name is special and unique. The etymology of your name could also say something about you. Etymology is the study of the origin of words, and each name is derived from a word or a Latin root with a significant meaning.

Some first name meanings are easy to determine because they mirror the names of flowers or plants, like “Lily” and “Ivy,” while the origin of other names are a little harder to find. For instance, names like “Arthur” mean strong, and it would be difficult to know without knowing its Celtic origin. You can look up the origin and meaning of names at

Last names also have etymologies, and these can be even more significant in the long run. Websites like will use your last name to find historical members of your family, which can be essential in preserving historical documents. It not only helps you build your family tree, but it also will help you learn about the personalities of your family tree. Because names were assigned to early family groups based on etymology, names defined a family group.

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