Desk name plates are important in many office-based professions; however, name plates also add an important professional touch in jobs that aren’t confined to the traditional office setting. Here are five examples of jobs that benefit from a desk name plate.

  1. Banker: A bank teller gets a small space behind a counter. Oftentimes, the counter is so tall that customers can’t see the teller’s nametag. This leads to an impersonal transaction. Having a name plate by each bank teller’s work station helps facilitate discussion and trust between customers and their tellers. After all, customers better trust a teller whose name they know!
  2. Administrative Assistant: Whether you work as a secretary at a law firm or a high school, you know you will see a lot of people during the day. You’ll direct them around your building. The name plate in front of your desk will give you authority when you make decisions. Also, it’s possible that you will share space with a number of other administrative assistants, and it’s important to mark which space is yours.
  3. Teachers: Children learn in many different ways—some are visual, some are oral, some are readers. Having your name constantly in front of them will encourage reading. It will also give you more authority over your teaching space.
  4. Cosmetologist: As a cosmetologist, you have your own work station set up just the way you like it. However, customers who have to go to the bathroom may be left wandering around the salon if they can’t find your station. A name plate will take care of this problem right away!
  5. Judge: Judges are always called “your Honor” by the attendants of the court. In the office, though, a judge can display his or her name on a name plate. This shares the judge’s name with visitors, avoiding any awkward or unclear conversation.

This list is just the beginning of the professions that could benefit from a quality name plate. Take a look at your workspace and think about what the addition of a name plate would do for you and your customers. Would it add a sense of authority? How about some nice clarification? Take a look at some of our beautiful name plates. You’ll find a design that’s perfect for you and your office.