If you’re a budding professional, you’re probably about to get your first private office. Don’t walk in the first day with the same accessories you’ve had on your desk from your college years. Unless you went to one classy college, you’re going to look a little unprofessional with those plastic pencil holders! And let’s not even talk about that cheap name plate from Staples.

That’s why you should consider getting some new desk supplies for your new professional lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of the top supplies that you should have if you are ready to upgrade to a classier lifestyle.

  1. Wooden letter tray: Letter trays are essential to your desk’s décor. They will help keep you organized and uncluttered (well, at least if they are used correctly). Also, you’re liable to be receiving some pretty important notices at your new job, and this is a great way to file them away while keeping them at the forefront of your mind.
  2. Wooden business card holder: You’ll probably get some new business cards with that new position. Why not put them on display for everyone? Having a business card holder encourages your visitors to take a card and remember you.
  3. Wooden name plate: Name plates can help you stand out among others, but only if they are unique. A unique desk name plate is perfect for your desk, because it will show that you’re proud of your title and that you also are just as creative and unique as the name plate you have. Natural wood is incredibly beautiful, making a custom name plate the best option.
  4. Wooden pencil holder: One thing you don’t want when you’re talking to clients is to have pens, pencils, or scissors scattered around your desk like a tornado just hit. You also don’t want your pencils and pens to be in a childish plastic container. Take the extra step to get a wooden pencil holder that matches your desk accessories.
  5. Leather desk pad: A desk pad gives you countless options. You can use it as a calendar, because you’ll have lots of meetings to attend with your new job and you don’t want to be late. You could also use it as a way to write down important phone numbers, or just add that extra level of sophistication to your desk.

We may not be able to help you with all of the desk accessories you need, but we can definitely help you with your custom name plate. Our name plates are beautifully crafted to make your name stand out against the background, making it as easy as possible for others to see and remember you. Check out our selection of name plates and make the decision to make your desk classier than ever.