About Name Plates

Name Plates offers beautiful, custom wooden desk name plates and wall signs. Every piece is crafted from American hardwoods.

Give A Name Plate As A Graduation Gift!

Not sure what to get your favorite budding professional? Whether your niece is fresh out of law school or your son just became a doctor, graduation season is upon us. It’s increasingly difficult to find gifts that are meaningful, functional, and beautiful at the same time. When that young professional gets hired, they’ll probably get [...]

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What makes our custom name plates different?

So, you’ve just moved into a new office and got promoted. That’s great! You get to enjoy your success and upgrade your space. When you move into your office, you probably have a bunch of your personal items that you’ll move with you, but there is also a good chance that your nameplate will be [...]

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What a custom desk name plate says about you:

When you move up in the corporate world, you want to have an office that reflects you and the hard work that you do. Whether you choose to decorate your office with photographs of your family, plants, or hobby-related knick knacks, your office should say something about your personality. And, this is why a custom [...]

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Desk name plates for every occasion!

Do you have a birthday coming up for your spouse who is a lawyer? What about your niece’s graduation from pharmacy school? Or your neighbor who just finished their residency? Many of our friends and family will be moving up in their professional careers, and of course you want to congratulate them. But, don’t get [...]

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