Milton Waddams Shouldn’t Be the Only One with Wooden Desk Name Plates

Even The Stapler Extraordinaire Deserves a Wooden Desk Name Plate If you’ve seen the movie Office Space, then you probably love the simple, low-talking stapler enthusiast named Milton Waddams. Milton works at Initech, but isn’t quite sure what he does all day. The only thing he is sure about is how much he hates his [...]

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Ways to Ensure You Can Remember Someone’s Name without Looking at Their Wooden Name Plate

Check Out Ways To Remember the Name Without the Wooden Name Plate Whether you’re an employer or an employee, remembering the names of your coworkers is crucial to having a comfortable work environment. If you can’t remember a coworker’s name, you may seem rude or insensitive. Now, some of us are just bad at remembering [...]

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Desk Name Plaques Can Be Fun Too!

Make the Office Split A Gut With Your New Desk Name Plaque Do you have an inside joke with a coworker or a funny nickname you call a friend in the office? What better way to highlight the comedic elements of a day in the office than with a desk name plaque including your joke? [...]

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Get the Most Unique Name Plate for your next LAN Tournament

The Competition Won’t Stand a Chance with a Name Plate like This If you’re competing in a gaming tournament, you want to be sure that your team has the coolest name plates. After all, you want to represent yourselves as unique, as winners. Having a cohesive design for your team’s name plates is essential to [...]

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