Even The Stapler Extraordinaire Deserves a Wooden Desk Name Plate

If you’ve seen the movie Office Space, then you probably love the simple, low-talking stapler enthusiast named Milton Waddams. Milton works at Initech, but isn’t quite sure what he does all day. The only thing he is sure about is how much he hates his desk being moved around the office and how much he loves his Swingline stapler. Despite being shuffled around the office and not really completing any work all day long, Milton still manages to receive a paycheck and listen to his radio at a reasonable volume.

Here, we’ve created the perfect name plate for Milton. Milton certainly uses his stapler throughout the movie, and Bill Lumbergh pays for trying to steal it with the destruction of his office building. See here Milton’s distress at his stapler being taken away:

The best part about creating custom wooden desk name plates is that they won’t follow a formula. Our name plates are so different that you can add whatever you want onto them. Whether you have a friend who is an analyst or a stapler extraordinaire, you can create a wooden desk name plate that is tailored to your exact needs. Using our unique software, you can even see exactly what your name plate will look like before buying it.

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