If you’ve researched the environment at all, you’re probably aware of some of the benefits of wood. Wood is biodegradable and won’t sit in a landfill for years to come. It also doesn’t take as much energy to produce. However, are you aware that wood products are actually better for your health than plastic or other manufactured ones? A recent study put on by the environmental organization Planet Ark sought to find the effects of surrounding oneself with wooden products versus manufactured ones. The results clearly indicated that wood products are more beneficial for your health. This is especially pertinent in an office environment, so when you begin to look for name plates, look for a unique desk name plate made from wood instead of one that is manufactured from plastic overseas.

When you surround yourself with wood, you choose to be in a space with better air quality. Wood can regulate humidity. Even dead wood can absorb carbon emissions, making the air cleaner and healthier. Besides this, wood has a look and feel to it that brings people back to nature. It is more interesting and stimulating than the blank look of steel or plastic. The grooves and wood grain inspire creativity, which might be why a group of fifteen year-olds in a classroom surrounded with wood outperformed those in a classroom with virtually no wood products.

Wood is set to be the building material of the future. It stores carbon and significantly and positively impacts carbon emissions. Instead of surrounding your workplace with desks and accessories that are crafted from plastic, make the responsible choice to have desk accessories that are wooden. Accessories like our unique desk name plates that are made of wood will increase the productivity in your workplace and look good doing it. Choose to be more creative and breathe easy with a unique desk name plate from Nameplates.biz. You won’t be sorry with the result.