Every once in a while, you might see a crazy news story on television or in the newspaper about a person changing their name to include a dollar sign or a quotation mark. While we might think this is funny, it happens relatively often. People have even been known to sell their name on eBay to make extra money. It’s not difficult to change one’s name—after all, brides do it all the time to seal their marriage license—and having a wacky name is a way to ensure publicity and market oneself. Potential employers are much more likely to remember a person with a unique name than a Jane Doe, and if you take all the trouble to change your name, then chances are you have some pretty good reasons for doing so. This can become a conversation-starter in almost any situation. There are some serious benefits to changing one’s name; however, name changing can also be a disastrous.

But it doesn’t always go well! Check out these links for some disastrous name changes.




These examples show how changing one’s name can go horribly, horribly wrong. Whether their name sounds like it is an inappropriate phrase or it was changed to one that can’t be pronounced, you’re sure to get a laugh with some of these names.

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