If you’re ready to invest in a new personalized name plate, consider using your nickname on the plate to add a personal touch to your office.

Among humans, nicknames are a near-universal way to express affection. Shortening one’s name to highlight special qualities or quirks—or just to make it easier to pronounce—adds a sort of familiarity to the relationship that is comforting. Pop culture is full of famous nicknames. Just think of “The Duke” in reference to John Wayne and “The King” in reference to Elvis Presley or LeBron James.

Another interesting way of looking at names is by studying monikers. A moniker is a former nickname that can now be used as a proper name because it has been used so much that it is now commonplace. For instance, Bob and Rob are now acceptable proper names even though they were originally derived from the name Robert.

Do you have a nickname that your family calls you? Well, with the personalized name plates that Nameplates.biz offers, you can add your nickname to your name plate so that everyone in your office will know your preferred name. The accepted way to add a nickname to a title is by inserting it in quotation marks between the first and last name. So, going back to our John Wayne example, his hypothetical name plate would read, John “The Duke” Wayne. Having a nickname on your personalized name plate not only represents your easygoing personality, but it also will make your name more memorable. Since it is not especially common to have a nickname on a personalized name plate, yours will stand out even more.

If you don’t yet have a nickname that you like, you can look and find one that suits you and your personality. The nickname quiz here will help you choose one that uniquely fits you, and this long list of nicknames will help you find one for your significant other. As you begin to use your nickname more in daily conversations, bring it home with a personalized name plate. We know that you will love the work we do, and it will help you stand out as the unique individual you are.