Check Out Ways To Remember the Name Without the Wooden Name Plate

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, remembering the names of your coworkers is crucial to having a comfortable work environment. If you can’t remember a coworker’s name, you may seem rude or insensitive. Now, some of us are just bad at remembering names. No matter how hard we try, there is no way to keep the person’s name from flying out of your head. Well, we have a few ways to help keep the name in your head where it belongs. Using name games at the next company party or event will ensure that you won’t be desperate to see your coworker’s wooden desk name plate.

We’ve attached a list of name games that you can use at company parties and team bonding events to make yourself a master name-learner. And, if you have multiple new members to a team, icebreakers are great for making everyone feel comfortable and at home in their new office. Some of the name games include participants introducing themselves along with a fun fact, but to help remember better, standing or sitting in a circle where you can see all the other participants is ideal. You also can up the stakes and make it a little harder by making each successive participant repeat the names of the participants that went before them. While this is hardest for the last person in the group, it also allows you to hear the names of the people in the group multiple times, making it easier to remember them.

For those times when you just can’t remember, though, wooden desk name plates are ideal. Not only are they unique enough that you will remember the name on the name plate, but they also are made from premium hardwoods that will last over time. This is important, because you know your wooden name plate won’t weather over time and the name will always be easy to read and visible from a distance. You can find your wooden desk name plate right here at Browse our selection to find the one that is perfect for you.