New parents are excited to have their little bundle of joy around. Even though they’re probably constantly exhausted and totally wrapped up in their new baby’s life, they’re also proud of the new addition to their family and want to show him or her off. It’s customary to get the new baby a present, and many times these are decorations for the room. Instead of buying a cheap plastic sign or a paper banner that can weather and tear over time, consider buying the new baby one of our wooden name plates.
The natural wood that we use will match any theme that the new baby’s parents have put together for the child’s room. Besides this, our products are baby-safe. They won’t be recalled for any potential lead in the plastic or sharp edges. That’s because we only use the most natural products. Kids do the darnedest things, and if the new baby somehow ends up chewing on the end of their wooden name plates, they will be safe. It also will help them learn to spell their name as they grow older and begin reading. Besides all this, the parents will have a sense of pride in seeing their new baby’s name every time they go into the nursery.

You can’t go wrong with one of our wooden name plates as a gift for expecting parents. The gorgeous wood grain shows off the natural beauty of the name plate in the same way that their baby is naturally beautiful. Get them a gift that shows that you care about them and their new gift to the world. Trust us, we know that you’ll be glad you went with wooden name plates instead of one of the other gifts.