It’s a little awkward to try and find a gift for your boss for the holidays, but it has to be done nonetheless. After all, you don’t want to be the only person in the office who doesn’t give the boss a gift. The problem is, you want to get them something nice, but not too personal. A picture of their family would be a little bit too much, while a subscription to a magazine is useless. You need something that’s right in the middle. That’s where a wooden name plate comes in.

What better way to tell your boss that you honor their position than to get them a wooden name plate that highlights their job title? Our name plates make their name and title stand out against the light oak background. We also shine and perfect each wooden name plate with a lemon oil finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. This natural beauty will mirror the natural talent that your boss shows in the workplace. We get all of our wood from the forests of Arkansas and the Midwest, and our main factory is located in Texas. You can rest easy knowing that you are contributing to the local economy instead of sending your money overseas to a company that doesn’t care about you or your name plate.

If you are an employee that wants to get your boss a gift of appreciation for the holidays or even just because, then a wooden name plate is the best present you can pick up. Your boss will love it, and you will definitely be in his or her good graces for the rest of the year. Give the gift of a wooden name plate. We know that you won’t regret it. Get stated building yours on our website today!