The Competition Won’t Stand a Chance with a Name Plate like This

If you’re competing in a gaming tournament, you want to be sure that your team has the coolest name plates. After all, you want to represent yourselves as unique, as winners. Having a cohesive design for your team’s name plates is essential to this. When choosing a design, don’t go with a metal name plate that everyone will have. Make the decision to be unique and go with a wooden name plate from

Our wooden name plates are made from hardwoods right here in the heart of America, and you can be sure you’re getting quality when you order with us. Instead of shipping your order overseas where you aren’t sure who or how they’re making it, why not work with a company that is local and you can trust?

The coolest part about our name plates is how customizable they are. For instance, with some of the larger models of name plate, you can add in computer icons and different styled fonts. Our name plates are as customizable as you want them to be, and they can be made to your unique likes and dislikes. And, you can create them yourself using our website, so you can add any name you want to the name plate, whether it’s your birth name or your gamer name.

Don’t let your team get name plates that are the same old boring ones that you see at every other LAN tournament. Make your name plates stand out and as unique as your team. We show off our talents with our name plates the same way your do at each tournament, so make the choice to work with a company that is just as interested in quality as you are. Stand out from the crowd. Invest in a wooden name plate from We know you’ll be happy you did.