Do you have a birthday coming up for your spouse who is a lawyer? What about your niece’s graduation from pharmacy school? Or your neighbor who just finished their residency? Many of our friends and family will be moving up in their professional careers, and of course you want to congratulate them. But, don’t get them a cheesy greeting card and a gift card to a restaurant—that is hardly practical or personal enough for the kind of gift you want to give some of your closest friends and family. Don’t settle for impersonal presents—desk name plates are perfect for every occasion.

Our desk name plates are truly one of a kind. Crafted out of the finest hardwood, our desk name plates are always topped with a lemon oil finish that keeps them clean and shiny and protected. We purposely contrast the color of the wooden letters with the color of the nameplate because we want to ensure that the names and titles on your nameplate are as visible as possible. We also offer an array of symbols that pertain to many different professions, such as medicine, pharmacy, and law. These desk name plates can be incredibly personal, and the best part about them is that you can trust their quality because you know where everything is made. Our wood comes from trees in the Midwest and Arkansas, and all of our products are assembled in the United States. We create our nameplates to look exactly like the ones you design online, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you design with us. And, just in case you have any questions or concerns about your name plate, you can give our friendly staff a call. They know everything there is to know about our name plates, and will be able to help you with any question you could possibly have. You can even have them build a name plate for you over the phone or do mass orders for gifts. We assemble everything for you so that it’s set to go when it arrives at your door and is completely hassle free.

Don’t be left without a creative and meaningful gift this graduation season. Your young professional will love their new desk name plate and will think of you every time they see it in their office. Go with a quality, handmade gift made right in the heart of America instead of a cheap name plate that was built overseas by a machine. Begin building your desk name plate today and imagine how happy your graduate will be!