Your loyal staff is what keeps your company going. In order for your business to grow, you need dedicated employees that will solve your problems and keep your company ahead of the curve. You can’t run without your staff, and in order to keep their morale up, you need to reward them. Don’t buy something for the whole office that only a few workers will end up using—and don’t force them to attend an event that will probably end with lampshades on heads! Instead, show your employees that you appreciate their dedication to your company. Reward them with something inspirational that they will see every day at their job.

A custom desk name plate can inspire your employees while they are at their desks. The titles on their name plates may help them realize the important role that they play in your company. For instance, dubbing an employee who’s been at your company longer than others a “Senior” or “Lead” in the position is a way to honor their hard work. You can also use the custom desk name plates as a mechanism for promoting your employees, which is one of the best ways to show them that they are valued within your company.

Our custom desk name plates are made of the finest hardwoods, illuminated with a lemon oil finish. The finish helps bring out the natural beauty in the wood. They won’t wear out over time, and the lettering is a darker shade to help it stand out against the name plate. The custom desk name plates can be used as a metaphor for your company: they stand tall and proud on their own, and don’t need a lot of glitz and glam to cover up imperfections. Your staff will surely appreciate being recognized with such a gorgeous desk accessory. Begin putting together your dream custom desk name plates here at We have everything you need to create a beautiful name plate accessory, and think of how much more productive your team will be once you bring them this new token of inspiration. Get started creating today!