Are you ready to take your office space to the next level?

Why not bring in a small wall sign to tie everything together?

S1 Small Wall or Door Sign

S1 Small Wall or Door Sign

Code: S1-Small-Wall-Door-Sign

SKU: 615S-1

Price: $25.00

Letters and Symbols included at additional cost.

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S1 Small Wall or Door Sign

Quick Start

  1. Click on a letter to select a size.
  2. Type into the box that appears below.
  3. Wooden letters will appear below the name plate.
  4. Click and drag the letters to arrange them
    on the desk name plate.
  5. Click the Add to Cart button


This small wall name plate fits well on any door and can display the average length name using our ex-small wooden letter. It may be small in size but it's big on quality. Using solid white oak for the base and solid walnut letters for the name creates a premium wall sign that can only be achieved by using the fine quality of real wood.The base is 12 inches in length and 2 inches in height. now has an expanded product line featuring small wall signs and door signs for every kind of office. While our desk name plates are top-notch, we understand that not everyone has a huge desk on which they can display a name plate. So, we now have small door signs! These offer all the benefits of a desk name plate without taking up the desk space. Our small wall signs also don’t take up a lot of room on your wall, creating a beautiful, simplistic look in your office. This small door sign is perfect for the minimalist.

Our small wall signs are the highest quality you’ll find on the market. The white oak base is a perfect background for our dark walnut lettering. Our small door signs are made of the best local hardwood, which means that instead of falling apart and breaking over time, they’ll last for ages. Our small wall signs will complete your office and add a touch of class.

Use our innovative software to begin creating your own custom small door sign. Drag and drop letters and symbols onto your small wall sign to get the design that’s right for you. We have many different styles of lettering and fonts, which makes it easy to be creative with your small wall sign. This makes the perfect gift, or you could just treat yourself to a traditional yet unique way to display your name in your office. If you have any questions about using our software, feel free to contact us at (806)-765-9901.Our customer service staff will be happy to assist you.