Large Desk Name Plate

Large Desk Name Plate

Code: Large-Desk-Name-Plate

SKU: 615D-3

Price: $40.00

Letters and Symbols included at additional cost.

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Large Desk Name Plate

Quick Start

  1. Click on a letter to select a size.
  2. Type into the box that appears below.
  3. Wooden letters will appear below the name plate.
  4. Click and drag the letters to arrange them
    on the desk name plate.
  5. Click the Add to Cart button


A large desk nameplate is perfect for any office. The wooden name plates you will find here have been handcrafted to show off their natural beauty. The lemon oil finish of our name plate is created specifically to draw attention to the gorgeous wood grains in the hardwoods we use. Made from the finest white oak and black walnut, the base of this name plate measures 15 inches in length and 2-1/2 inches in width. The surface area which holds the wooden letters is 14 by 2 inches, allowing plenty of room for lettering and symbols. Use any one of our font sizes or raised letter options to give your name ultimate visibility and recognition.

Create yours today using our easy software that lets you drop and move your letters around our virtual wooden name plate with ease. Unleash your creativity and design a wooden name plate today!