Name Plates - Wooden Desk Nameplates

A desk name plate creates an atmosphere of professionalism in your office and puts you in the best possible light. Here, you’ll find our selection of fine wood name plates that are sure to last for years. You can customize your name plate with symbols, titles, and even different lettering. There are thousands of different possibilities for personalization with our name plates, and you’ll have the opportunity to create a name plate as unique as you are. Get started selecting the perfect accessory for your office. Check out the options below!

Name Plates - Wooden Desk Nameplates - Small Desk Name Plate
Sometimes, less is more. A simple wooden nameplate really shows the beauty of the wood—and this beauty balances perfectly with your name! This name plate says that you’re straightforward, professional, and you get the job done. Your work stands on its own. A simple, elegant name plate shows just that.
Name Plates - Wooden Desk Nameplates - Medium Desk Name Plate
If you just got promoted and want to display your title without being too flashy, consider a medium nameplate. It’s slightly larger than the small desk name plate, but it’s still modest. With the extra space, you can add your job title underneath your name. As with all of our wood name plates, the medium desk name plate is finished in lemon oil, an all-natural finish that brings out the beauty of oak and walnut.
Name Plates - Wooden Desk Nameplates - Large Desk Name Plate
This nameplate is as elegant as can be. It’s large enough to display your name and position, and that extra space lets you customize it with a larger letter or a symbol. Our symbols are beautiful representations of popular professions, such as law, medicine, and pharmacy. You can also use our doubled letters, which emphasize the black walnut lettering. There’s so much space on this name plate, the sky’s the limit to your creativity!
Name Plates - Wooden Desk Nameplates - Extra Large Desk Name Plate
This wood nameplate makes the ultimate statement. It reflects the hard work and endless dedication that have gotten you to your current position. Not only is this name plate of the highest quality, it gives you maximum room for creativity. You can put symbols, all sorts of lettering, and designs on it. This is the pinnacle of name plate prestige.