Extra Large Desk Name Plate

Extra Large Desk Name Plate

Code: Extra-Large-Desk-Name-Plate


Price: $45.00

Letters and Symbols included at additional cost.

Design Center

Extra Large Desk Name Plate

Quick Start

  1. Click on a letter to select a size.
  2. Type into the box that appears below.
  3. Wooden letters will appear below the name plate.
  4. Click and drag the letters to arrange them
    on the desk name plate.
  5. Click the Add to Cart button


Are you ready to make a statement with your office? If so, we have it right here with our extra-large custom nameplate. This name plate allows you the maximum amount of creativity. This extra-large desk name plate has the same footprint as our large name plate, but the surface area for your letters is 1/2 inch wider. With a variety of different symbols and several different font sizes, you can truly build a one-of-a-kind piece that will have your clients and coworkers wowed.

The bold look of our wood says that you're not there to mess around. The fact that our custom name plates are different and unique says that you are creative and different from the rest. You think outside of the box and don't stick with the crowd. The light background wood we have will cause the dark wood used to craft your name to be even more prominent. There is no losing with our custom name plate. Order yours today.